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Tip Jar Tunes is the first non-profit online tipping platform created to support talented new musicians. We produce and film very unique and mostly improvised music videos in various settings all around New York with the goal of creating an intimate and moving experience. We also promote their music via social media and most importantly we facilitate tips through PayPal generously donated by you to the musician’s performance you liked the most. This project has its start in New York City but it is intended to expand to other parts of the world.

Our videos are filmed by Cody Swanson, he is a Photographer and Filmmaker living in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Our drawings are hand drawn by Alessandro Arienzo, he is an Architect living in Mexico City.

This project was founded in 2014 by Andrea Gutierrez Vivo, she is a Psychologist/Film Analyst living in Brooklyn, New York.

Support talent!