April 15, 2014


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Who is Jazzingaro?

The band is conformed by four members plus their guest singer.  Their full names are Charlie Castelluzo (San Diego, California), Rocky Chiu (Hong Kong, China), Elizabeth Goodman (Santa Monica, California), Jason Bertrone (Trenton, New Jersey) and Erica Mancini (Chicago, Illinois) as a guest singer   They all come from different parts of the world and moved to New York between 1995 and these past years.  
They regularly play in local bars like St. Mazies, Featherweight Bar, Anyway Cafe, Hill & Dale, The Wayland, Radegast, Pera and Bistro Fada and sometimes in Central Park. Jazzingaro is described by their members as:  
"A wide genre of music, not worrying so much about hitting so many notes, but how we hit them. We play the songs with high energy, dynamic rhythms, and non stop fierce swing accents, we don't hold back when we play, we let everything else go."  
Plus, they're awesome so please click on the button next to their video to tip their performance!
Watch their raw video filmed in Jersey Street (Soho) exclusively for Tip Jar Tunes.

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